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Still Amazed and down 11 lbs

There is no doubt that the portion control and getting to know what a portion control is are making huge changed in my life. I have learned how to conserve my calories for most of the week so that when I am invited out I can eat whatever I want and still keep within my 1,600 calories per day average for the week.

I have a wonderful meal out yesterday and even had a salted caramel ice cream in a sugar waffle as dessert. I loved every minute of it, knowing I had the rest of the week to balance out the calories. What surprised me is that I didn’t even go beyond my calories for the day! Why? Well I decided to have yam fries and a chicken breast instead of what I might normally have chosen. Simple changes like that make such a difference. Onwards!


Losing weight without depriving myself

Great news, everyone!

It is now nearly a month since I started the new goal – to drop the weight I put on when I gave up smoking. I had made various other attempts at this but nothing seemed to work well for me. I was craving food the way I was craving the ciggies, back in the day!

Earlier in the month, I decided to try something my friend Marni had suggested to me. Portion control. And, as you will hear, I have managed to do that successfully for the whole time. I checked the correct number of calories someone of my age should eat (1,600 per day) and then set about creating a system whereby I could keep to that but not feel deprived. I had made some basic changes.




1. Salads are great but I didn’t want to eat them every day 🙂

2. Eating one cup of almost anything I wanted, worked remarkably well at keeping the calories down while enjoying my food without feeling I was missing out.

3. Portion control becomes automatic after just a couple of weeks!

4. BBQing veggies really feels like you are eating the world and yet you are not.

5. Half a baked potato is more than enough




Down 7 lbs and I have had ice cream, crisps, and all sorts of treats (just not too many of them!!) and eaten some really balanced meals. I have kept below the goal average of 1,600 calories per day and managed to walk 6km/3.1 miles. Things are working 🙂

I wasn’t even trying to lose weight! How is this possible?

... and I did NOT feel hungry all day.

… and I did NOT feel hungry all day.

May 3-6
I need to write about what had happened to me over the past few days. It happened without intent of design. It shocked me yesterday and now I realize I might have found an answer. For me. I doubt you will believe it but I am going to tell you anyway. No, this is not some fad diet I found. No, I am not sponsored to say any of this. As the title indicates, I did this BY ACCIDENT, Truly.

I intend to write it down because if it continues to work it could be a game changer.

A week ago I weighed in at an amazing 217lbs/98kg. Not proud of that. Officially: OBESE

Four days ago I decided to make some overnight oats. I just put ¹/⁴ cup of oats into a 1 cup Mason jar and filled it up with skim milk. Put it in the fridge overnight. By the next morning it was creamy and I must warmed it up while I put on my make up. Oh, and I added a teaspoon of yellow sugar mixed with Truvia

About for 4 hours later I decided it was lunch time. I took out a 2 cup Mason jar full of salad (lid on very loosely – to let any natural gases out) that I just happened to have in the fridge. I sometimes buy it pre-made and put it into Mason jars. So that it stays fresh. As you can see, the jar isn’t even full.

Had a dinner of a cup of homemade beef stew and sweet potatoes. I showed the size of the precooked dinner as Shepherd’s Pie but you get the idea?

I also had 6 Breton crackers for a snack as I watched some Netflix that evening.


The next day I repeated what I had done, just because it was so easy. But decided to check with my Samsung program, what my caloric intake was on this intake of food. I didn’t believe it. I had to do it twice for both the first two days before I did. Check this out:

Here are the daily intake caloric figures:

May 3= Starting weight 217 lbs.

Calories for the day: 559 (because of the portion sizing or the oats? Or the combination?)

May 4 = 633 calories
May 5 = 699
May 6 = 863  weight 213.8

Yes, I notice the calories are creeping up. I am keeping a pretty good count of everything I am consuming. Oh, AND I start the day with TWO cups of coffee with skim milk froth and a sprinkle of yellow sugar/Truvia. All within these calories! No, SERIOUSLY. I can prove it.

Dropping nearly a lb per day?! Is that possible? Going to try it for another week and let you know.

The bridge in the middle of nowhere

I had the wonderful opportunity to visit @convoyofhope this week. We were there to do some of the initial work on @dancember 2017. Sometimes, if you take a minute, you see truly fascinating things. Like this bridge in the middle of a huge carpark. It appeared to be leading to nowhere in particular and yet it was this beautiful bridge that had, obviously, been built with great care and attention to detail. It was also on wheels. It was built to travel.20170221_151006

By now I was hooked. I needed to work out what it was doing there and why it had wheels. Then I noticed a second bridge, about 50 yards farther up the massive parking lot and then I realized what “connected” the two bridges. Water. A large body of water pooling down the entire length of the parking lot. Some thoughtful people had designed the bridges to carry people over River Hope (as I shall now call it) to dry land. Such a thoughtful and caring guesture. So like the wonderful folks @convoyofhope.

I was thinking that we all need to do this with our lives. When we see that our path is flooded. When we don’t want to “get our feet wet”. When going forward would ruin our shoes, self-esteem or dignity. We need to roll out our personal bridge and walk with confidence across it to the other side of River Hope. If we do have bridge building skills then let us find a bridge builder who loves their work as much as the architect and builder (the same person??) of the bridges I saw in Springfield, Mo.

On beautiful sunny days, we can roll the bridge back into the bridge parking spot and carry on with our wonderful, challenging and inspiring lives. On the next cold, dark, stormy and difficult day we can roll our bridge out again and know that it was specifically made to cross River Hope. Our own made-to-order bridge over troubled water.

It touched my soul at some level. That is why I just had to share the story.


YouTube Update – Week 235
Subscribers 8.170
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Blog views 56,695
1,505 days of not smoking and $16,106.35 saved
Weight? I am pleased to report that between Christmas and last week I lost 5 lbs by good choices. I am also pleased to report that someone told me “If you are going to Springfield, Mo. make sure you eat some custard!!” I am delighted to tell you it was a great suggestion. I am sad to report that I am now back to my Christmas weight but it was soooooo worth it 🙂

I had a total melt-down

I know you all understand that I am a human being and that being human is part of that reality.

I had what can only be called a very challenging December. There was all the excitement of Dancember but with that came total exhaustion. I expected that. I knew that the road trip would be difficult but also knew I would have 10 days to recover before the 24-hour event. I paced myself for that. However, I did not pace myself for some other things.

Due to a reason I have not yet worked out, I came home ready to relax and take time to recover in my own time. My mind would not stop running. I found myself critical. I found myself frustrated and then I heard that my brother-in-law had passed. That took me deeper into the hole. I emailed and offered to go and visit … to give support. I was told that I was not needed (that felt like rejection) but I could come down for the Celebration of Life. Two days before Christmas I was advised that I was not welcome to that either. Yikes. Family is complicated, isn’t it?

Old tapes, in my head, started to play. I must be a bad person. It must be my fault. It went on and on. I ended up fairly deep into a hole I swore I would not go down again. The hole I had worked so hard to leave. Many years ago. I could hear the loud sucking noise as it was sucking me into the vortex from which I knew it would take every fibre in my body to avoid.

I give sincere thanks to my friend, Yvonne. She was so kind, compassionate and she knows me better than most people. She knew what I was doing to myself and knew I would not allow anyone to treat her like that. She kept correcting my negative thinking. She kept reminding me of all the good I have done and continue to do in my life. I don’t say this to get strokes or rewards I am explaining what helped me hang on to my reality. Sincere care and love from a friend. She didn’t try and fix anything. She was wonderful and I will be in her debt for a long time. With her help, I managed to slowly get control again.

But not before things got worse!

I was vulnerable. I didn’t have my usual mindset. I didn’t have my usual filters and armour. The perfect storm happened and I ended up doing something that upset me grately. I tried to help someone and ended up sounding nothing but judgmental. The sucking sound came back. Louder and the vortex was stronger. My mind seemed to just stop working. I was numb with emotional pain.

To say that it was easy to get out of the “hole” would be a lie. It took every bit of my knowledge of depression (from personal experience) together with even more understanding from Yvonne. I had the most difficult couple of weeks that I have had in close to 20 years. Some of you know that delicate balancing act. The tightrope was swaying. I was no longer balanced. It was impossible to post or take a picture. I was not “safe”. Not a good feeling for a YouTuber who helps people cope! I had to stop feeling guilty about that. I had to stop. I took the longest break I have ever taken away from social media. I had to work on myself. I could not give from a vacuum.

I made it back. Yippee. It feels good to be able to use my mind again. To feel creative again. To laugh again. Thank you all for your patience, love and support. Most of all, my thanks to Yvonne.

Do you want to hear more of this journey back? If you would like more about how I clawed my way back, please let me know by writing to me at: so that I can know how many people truly do need/want to hear that journey and why.  That will help me decide the “right” way to present it. Thank you.

YouTube Update – Week 228
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1,459 days of not smoking and $15,619.16 saved
Weight down? Of course NOT. Emotional melt-downs = comfort food. However, I am taking steps to correct that this year. I have had enough of this weight.