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When you wish upon a star – July 27, 2015

We all have dreams. Some large. Some small. I write my dreams down so they become goals.

goodbye Disney

Three years ago I would never have thought I could walk down a street and someone would have tears in their eyes and say “MamaSal!” with such glee. It is a strange feeling in your home town but when, like me, you have travelled all the way from Canada to Anaheim to attend VidCon it is such a wonderful feeling! Or, when you are seeking shade at Disneyland and someone stands beside you and tentatively, yet oh so politely, asks “MamaSal, is it ok to take a picture with you?’ Quite honestly, it is humbling and brings tears to my eyes just typing these words now, as I fly home.

You see, being a YouTuber is not about fame and fortune. It is about relationships. People “know” you. They “feel” you and the care…deeply. They admire who you are, or what you say, or how you do things. They love you for being who you are and, I believe, hope and pray that who they met will be that same person. Without them where would we be?

I am fairly new to the lifestyle and am still in awe of what I see and what I learn. To attend VidCon was a dream. I had not even made it a full goal because I didn’t feel I had grown enough yet in this YouTube life. I learned so much at VidCon and know I will spend a year trying to put into reality the stepping stones I can see I have skipped along my path here or add the creativity that I am now ready for.

Like the viewers who had the opportunity to interview while I was on this journey, we are all wishing on our individual stars and taking our individual routes to our destinations.

While attending VidCon I was able to also achieve a second goal. I made it to Disneyland for the first time. The happiest place on earth is what they said it was. Then how come I cried as I walked onto Disney “land”? How come I cried when I saw the magic castle? How come I cried when I watched the unbelievable light show to celebrate their 60th Anniversary? Was it because I remembered when Snow White and Bambi were around? Or that I remember how I felt when Mowgli and Jungle Book where on my wish list? Or was it reliving the emotion I felt when I first saw Simba, Ariel, Anna, Cinderella and Lady sucking on spaghetti with the Tramp?

Or like the viewers, had I always hoped and prayed I would make it to “meet” them and that, when I did, they would look, sound and feel just as I imagined they would and they did? Is that why I cried?

When you wish upon a star … dreams come true


July 22, 2015 A day to remember

Some days you just know you are blessed.

I got up at some unearthly hour this morning, 4;45AM, I believe. In a haze I got dressed and finished the last minute packing for my trip the VidCon here in Anaheim.

I arrived at the airport early and I am so glad that I did because something terrible went wrong with the baggage conveyor belts and scanners today. I dread to think what the delays must have been after we left town because at 6 am it was a gong show. People very frustrated, looooooooooooooooong lineups (queues for my European friends) and people just in turmoil. I am sure a lot didn’t make it onto their flights.

I sat next to a fascinating pilot on the way down. Of course, he took a while to even talk to me but we really got into the convo and the last hour of the flight was fully of laughter an/d information I didn’t know before. You know I love that.

I was greeted by Dave, from a wonderful car service and transported down to Anaheim. Luxury all the way. What a great way to travel, if you can.

The house we have rented is mind-blowing with all the state of the art technology. You walk into a room and things light up. You walk past the garbage can and it opens for you but most of all a huge bathroom mirror onto which is projected a full computer! Yes, on the mirror. Have no idea how it works but you can check your email, watch Netflix, CNN or whatever while you put on your make-up.

However, the memory of today is all that Benji and Judy have done to bring me here to VidCon to be with them. You need to know that it has always been a joke that whenever I visit, Julianna (and then the twins) would take one look at me and … SCREAM. Strange lady, strange voice. Today, July 22, 2015 was a memory for many reasons. I don’t know what Benji and Judy did but when Julianna came into the house she not only didn’t scream but she let me pick her up and she treated me like a friend. I nearly cried. It was topped by the twins deciding that I was useful… I could get them extra Cheerios and then they dropped them on the floor and fed them to me. One cannot help but ignore the health risks when it was such fun.

I was blessed today. In so many ways. Surely, a great day to remember.


June 14, 2015 – It’s heating up

I love summer. A lot of people don’t. I like heat and pretty flowers and all that this season brings with it.

To me summer is my time of year. I can already feel that I am not spending enough time in it. I am so busy with DearMamaSal stuff that I am denying myself the outdoors that I so truly love. Or is it that my tastes are changing? Is it that I always loved the heat, when I was younger, and that my body doesn’t really need it now – the way it did. I have never thought of this before. The joys of just sitting down and writing! One learns so much.

I am so thankful this month. I look at the growth of the DearMamaSal network and am just amazed that we are just a few thousand short of 400,000 views. Wasn’t it less than a year ago we were celebrating 250,000? That is so exciting. It means we are reaching more people and that we are helping more, in some way.

What has amazed me about the network in the past month is the sudden impact we are having in certain countries that were not evident before. Countries outside the obvious. Countries were the work we do will be even more meaningful. I have always been so appreciative of people who do not have English as their first language. Who must try and keep of with my accent and humour in another language.

We are just 5 weeks away from Vidcon. A huge journey for me, in so many ways. I get to spend a week with Benji, Judy and the children, meet and greet people I have not met before and go to Disneyland! After many years of not travelling far outside my neighbourhood I do Vegas and LA in one year! Go figure.

An exciting month ahead. The weather and my life are heating up.

YouTube Update – Week 146
Subscribers 6810
Views 397,000
Blog views 29,124
884days non smoking  $9,458.52 saved
Weight down – 3 lbs  

May 10, 2015 – Happy Mother’s Day

Sometimes, being a YouTuber feel like being a mother. You are constantly watching over your little “baby”, DearMamaSal. Trying to steer it in the right direction – right for me and the brand. You deal with criticism and have to stay the course of the direction. Occasionally, you get to “play” with your baby.

Such was our recent trip to Vegas. Five of us rented a house and decided that we would become a “family” for a week. We had good days and some not as good but, overall, we shared and cared for and about each other. We adjusted to different situations and found out we had friends we didn’t really believe existed.

Living with five people for a week taught me a great deal about my baby! I realized I was fiercely protective of her. I didn’t know that before this trip. It is a strange feeling. My baby is nearly 3 years old now. She is growing up fast. I had to remember that she is still vulnerable and needs protection until she can stand on her own two feet. However, like any mother, I am learning more about myself through the process.

I am still so thankful for the friendships and support networks we have created for our various viewers in need. I am constantly amazed at the deep care and support I get. My recent bout of viral bronchitis on my return from Vegas showed me that the super fans would rather I take a week off (to get my strength back) than have me push myself to produce footage or broadcasts. I felt supported and loved for that.

Mother’s day is very special to me this year. My baby is growing and our extended family continues to nuture and support her. I am blessed and truly thankful.

YouTube Update – Week 141
Subscribers 6906
Views 380,000
Blog views 27,493
849 days non smoking  $9,084.09 saved
Weight down – 5 lbs