6. What a wonderful birthday!

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Thursday, August 30, 2012 – my 65th birthday

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Somewhere in the past few hours, I managed to get good wishes from Eddie (who is in Afganistan and  was the first called me Mama Sal), Doug in Kenya, my “son” Cisco in Toronto (who reminded me that I could create sub-folders in my emails and start keeping them in some sort of order) and so many others from around the world. For someone who was not able to have children, I have a wonderful group of people who care for me and continually let me know they love me. My entry into my senior years started the same as the day before… I woke up. I was grateful for that!
I am not sure what is happening with the stats but have you noticed that in the last couple of days they have grown, incrementally? It is as though they are feeding on themselves. I uploaded the PPoint and felt good for taking another risk. Sure, nobody might like or watch it, but at least I had tried to make things easier. I am only responsible for my behaviour – how many times have you heard me say that?!
I work with a wonderful group of people (on the good days!) and today I was close to tears as I saw the time and effort that had been put in, by overnight magic, to welcome me to my 65th year. There was a huge Happy Birthday sign strung across the entrance to my office. A massive 65 on a nearby door and sprinkles of Happy Birthday, little balloons and 65’s all over my desk. My sincere thanks to Corinne and Anca (and anyone else I don’t know about) who created my little wonderland. It touched my soul. 
At work it was a day if kindnesses and care and I loved every minute of it. There were little moments of pure wonder where people gave me “private” gifts and I know they do not want that to public but it was so special to me. They sang, and pretty much in tune this time(!), they brought me roses and they gave this this beautiful cake. Maybe being an old fart is not going to be that bad, after all.
When I got home my second family (downstairs) came up with… yes, you guessed it, another cake – rats I forgot to take a pic – and some forbidden chocolates and other gifts to make my day. Beaner, the dog, just wanted his cookies!
I quickly answered some questions that had come in from around the world either through the channel or privately and went to bed early. Not before checking the stats, of course:

987 subscriptions 3014 visits a whole lot of love and fond memories of a great day

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Check out: http://www.youtube.com/DearMamaSal or Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DearMamaSal if you would like notification of any live broadcasts
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