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Tuesday, August 28, 2012 – 2 days before my 65th birthday

= 661 subscribers 1501 visits

I woke up to see the stats shown above and thought I was still in a dream. Over 1,500 visits? Really?

I started trying to tell people at work a little but I know that it is just not something they can relate to, except for a couple who not only know the real me but also know that I wouldn’t make this up. Decided to keep the inner circle small. Maybe, one day, I could let them understand just what an honour it is to be trusted by so many “strangers”.

The questions are getting deeper now. Maybe the first question was answered in a way that gave people hope or trust? Not sure but I can see a different level being asked. I am finding it very challenging to give a 500 character answer but then found I could do multiple 500 character answers. Makes the comments page a bit of a mess but, hopefully, it is more helpful to the people asking the questions.

I find that I am processing some of them as I drive to and from work. That girl who asked me about making friends with the Japanese girls at school. Kept coming back to that one. Wasn’t sure I had answered it in a way that the sender could get strength to take the next step. Driving is great thinking time, in my book. I used to “write” a lot if speeches while I was driving. Of course, fellow road users were convinced I should be heading for a mental facility but I didn’t care 🙂

While I was driving home I kept replaying in my mind what Benji had done to get us on the air on Saturday night. Something called BlogTv? Got home, made the famous cup of coffee and sat down and Googled it. Yikes. A lot of strange people doing and saying equally strange things! Oh well, if I don’t try I will never learn, right?

There are few things lonelier than staring at own webcam seeing how old you are that noticing that webcams are not designed to bring out the best in you. Double chins, laughter lines and such appear to jump out at you. Why would anyone watch this? Then someone asked a question. Obviously, someone young and not in our “family” just causing trouble. Oh well, as in life, you have to deal with all-comers. I did my best to stay polite. Then I saw “MamaSal!” and my heart was uplifted. The questions started to flow. Too fast to keep up. It is not easy to multitask at that speed. I then hit another problem. Someone came onto the channel and started being really insensitive to the person I was trying to help, I knew there had to be some way of silencing him and my mind raced to “why didn’t you check all that out BEFORE you hit the broadcast button?” I have this voice in my head, and maybe you do too, who is not my best friend. She is always stating the obvious and does not do a lot for my self esteem. I was doing what I could to keep supporting the person I was helping with “bozobrain” continuing to give his judgments and unasked for opinions.

The cavalry arrived! I was smart enough to post that I was going live on the YouTube channel and Benji and Judy must have seen it. They came in to see how I was doing/support me. They are such angels. Before I knew it Benji was sending me notes (still don’t know how he did that but I will find out) telling me to make him an operator and then told me how to do that. It didn’t take long before our troublemaker was gone! For the rest of the broadcast Benji acted as my bodyguard, kicking out troublemakers and left me the room to do what I wanted to do, help people.

I went to sleep that night knowing, yet again, I had done what I could to help another human being, I had learned something new, taken a new risk and just before I turned out the light I checked the stats…

704 subscriptions 1671 visits and no new geography lessons! 2 more sleeps before I am officially an old fart

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Check out: http://www.youtube.com/DearMamaSal or Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DearMamaSal if you would like notification of any live broadcasts
If you want to leave a comment, click below