1. “… and I don’t want to miss a thing” Aerosmith – Songwriters: Diane Eve Warren

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Saturday, August 25, 2012 (4 days before my 65th birthday) and birth of a dream = 0/0

This was the day I was meant to have my 65th birthday party but life got in the way and it had to be cancelled. It was a strange day. I have a number of “adopted sons” – they adopted me to be a mentor and friend – and Doug, being one of them, was celebrating his birthday in Kenya by attending the funeral of his great-grandmother. Doug and I always have a joint birthday celebration because our birthdays are so close together. I was missing him. I sat on my back deck thinking of how difficult this day must be for him – such a mixture of emotions. Happiness for his birthday and sadness at the loss of his great-grandmother.
I had received a call from my “son” Benji earlier in the week to tell me he was coming up to visit. He is such a living angel! He knows me well and knew I would be in a strange place, emotionally. Being the kind soul he is, he decided to make sure I was not alone that day. We sat on the back deck and discussed Judy his wife and their beautiful unborn daughter, Juliana – of whom I had recently seen the amazing 4-D pictures – as she got ready for life in the big world. Life is as good as you make it and I was thoroughly enjoying it.
We had BBQ’d spareribs for dinner with my tenant of 14 years (!!) Yvonne. She brought Wade and Angela up with her and the 5 of us had a “family” meal. We talked of Doug. Beaner, my cross German Shepherd/Husky mix was ever present with that ‘I don’t know what they are cooking but it sure smells like left-overs for me” look about him. He is a super smart dog! 
Benji had never had Sal’s baked potatoes – cooked, halved, potato taken out of the shell, mashed with milk and butter and then put back into the shell, covered with cheese and grilled. He took a pic and uploaded it onto Facebook! I got a lot of comments about them in the next few days.
The evening went as normal. Benji and I talking up a storm about life, love and happiness, after Yvonne and the family left. We sat in the living room and talked of his successes with his YouTube channels for both Judy and himself. I have always loved technology and so I love to keep up to with  people are doing with it.
It must have been around 10:30pm when my life, as I knew it, changed. Judy phoned “Honey Bear” Benji from Washington and I heard him say “… no I haven’t had a chance to ask her yet”. After he put down the phone I asked what it was he had forgotten to ask. “Oh, I know it is late and getting to your bedtime but Judy and I wanted you to go live on our Channel so that our viewers can see and chat to you – they so loved your last visit”. As I have said, Benji is a kind soul. My last and only “appearance” on the vlog had been when, several months ago, Benji pointed the camera at me as I came out of my kitchen to find him vlogging at my dining room table. Not knowing exactly what was going on, and hearing him say “Wanna say hi to everyone, Sal?” with a brief intro as to who I was, he turned the camera and I did just that… said “Hi everyone!” So much for a memorable appearance on his vlog, right?! 
“…would you?” he continued, “…it won’t take long” I heard him say, again. Actually, I have to admit that at the moment I heard that they wanted me to “perform” on their Channel my thoughts ran the gambit of “…omg, what am I wearing?” and, being the age that I am, “… rats, I will have to pee first!”. You notice that I did not think “.. w-h-a-t? Go live on YouTube?!” Why not? Well, that would be because I have a background as a professional international motivation and business speaker. “Performing” doesn’t scare me to death. 
I headed for the bathroom and Benji set up my laptop ready for the broadcast. I was stunned at the immediacy of it all.Benji had put out a note to their network to say I would be “appearing” on their channel and people were ready as we hit the airwaves. People from around the world. Amazing. They asked questions about how Benji and I had met, about why Benji calls me Mama Sal and was there a Papa Sal they should know about. They talked of dreams, love, heartbreak and life. Things I love to talk to young people about. That was how I first met Benji. He came to something called the Rotary Youth Leadership Award program (RYLA which is pronounced RYE-LAH) and I have been honoured to be their opening and closing speaker for some 23 years. I always take my trailer with me and every year young people drop into the trailer and chat about those very things. It is like a revolving door and sometimes lasts through the night.
And then it happened! Judy and Benji’s followers started saying things like “Oh, Benji, she’s great!”, “Benji, make her start her own channel”… lots of comments like that. I laughed, sheepishly. Yeah, right, Sal on YouTube that would be the day! We closed the broadcast – not because I wanted to stop talking but rather that it was time for Benji to go home to Judy. Truth be told, I was loving every moment of it. Benji had been at my side fielding the questions which meant that I didn’t have to keep looking and the stream of type that was coming at us. He filtered the questions and fed me the ones he felt the audience would most like to hear me talk about. He knew both his audience and my knowledge base so it made a lot of sense.
Adrenalin is a funny thing. It takes you from “gee, I am getting tired” to “wow… let’s do this even if it takes all night” in a heartbeat! The challenge was the get the name and Benji had that covered. It has to be Mama Sal. Benji’s dear friend, Eddie, had first called me that and it had stuck. In a matter of moments he appeared to be possessed. A flurry of keystrokes later he told me that Mama Sal was taken and we had to think again. He then suggested DearMamaSal… as though you were writing a letter. Loved it! Another flurry of keystrokes and it was done. “dearmamasal” was now a YouTube Channel. A dream come true. Now I could be a second mother to the world and I don’t want to miss a thing.

Check out: http://www.youtube.com/DearMamaSal or Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DearMamaSal if you would like notification of any live broadcasts

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Check out: http://www.youtube.com/DearMamaSal or Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DearMamaSal if you would like notification of any live broadcasts
If you want to leave a comment, click below