42. We made it to 6 months on YouTube!

40 days smoke free and 6 months of YouTube… two huge milestones of which I am equally proud.
Got a great call from Benji, Judy and little Julianna yesterday to check how I was doing with the non smoking. Benji and Judy are just so wonderful to care about how I am coping but they are also aware that, in previous attempts, have turned into devastating depressions for me where the medications turned out to be more dangerous than the smoke. I am working hard not to have a repeat of that self-defeating behavior.
I am balancing a lot of different balls – the shortened work week is helping me balance a little but is having a serious effect on my cash flow, the non smoking is a huge achievement but requires a great deal of daily awareness – I have to concentrate on this part of my life because I am aware that one slip could be dangerous.
I feel tired but strangely elated. A little scared, to be honest, of what the next 6 months will or will not bring. One of my fondest memories of the past 6 months has to be that very first night when, having helped me set up the YouTube site, Benji went home and left me with my new “baby”. The little “dings” of people visiting the site kept me up all night. It was such a great feeling.
I also remember with great appreciation every time we reached another 1,000 views. How exciting was that?! Then the “major” milestone of 10,000. Oh yes, that was so exciting to me! Then the 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45k. All amazing journeys. In the next couple of weeks we will hit 50k and move onto our first 100,000.
It is interesting to see the age distribution. We have evened out across the different age groups. However, it is the fact that we have been visited by 128 countries that was another mind blowing statistic. There have been a couple of interesting geography lessons along the way – remember the blog about “where in the world are the Northern Mariana Islands?” So funny. I still laugh when I remember that day!
Will I continue to have as much fun in the next 6 months? Only time will tell. If I continue to have the support of such great friends and viewers then I have no doubt. There have been so many “firsts” in the first six months that will have to grow in so many ways to create that many new “firsts”.
Bring it on! I am ready. Please remember to subscribe to this page as a lot of our updates will happen here now!
YouTube Channel Update – Week 26
Subscribers  2273
Views          48,578 from 128 countries
Blog views   3558

Lessons learned: 6 months flies by when you are having fun and learning. Hope the next 6 are just as much fun!! 🙂

28. It’s our 2nd. (month) Anniversary and 14,000 views!

I look back on the past two months and am in awe of all I have learned, all the wonderful comments I have received and the people who took the time to trust me with their questions.

Two months ago I didn’t know what vids were; didn’t know how to record, edit and upload a video to YouTube or understand the value of the right tags, right categories or vast numbers of other things about the YouTube world. It has been a huge learning curve. It has, in many ways, changed my life… again.

I did not believe that people would want to watch an “old fart” or hear her opinions on life, love, relationships or that they would want to watch how I makes crepes or a decorative bow, or care enough to give me moral support as I worked through the learning curve(s).

I did experiments on subjects and on formats. Kept a close watch on statistics and even developed my own. It has given me a new focus in my life. One that was sorely needed, to tell the truth. I found new energy, new creativity and new reasons to smile each day.

I have had the opportunity to meet so many new people, hear about their lives, their problems and their heartache. I have been touched by some of the stories and sat staring at the screen, in horror, at some others. I have been inspired to continue “the work” by reading about the way a phrase, line or word has impacted someone’s life.

I have been frustrated with computer viruses, confused by YouTube questioning the originality of one of my uploads (if anyone had knowledge on this subject, please let me know) and worked long hours to learn new programs and techniques.

I have been ridiculed by colleagues when I asked for help on a matter that was worrying me (“why don’t you ask DearMamasal?”) and had to bite my tongue from replying, “…because smart doctors don’t treat themselves and smart lawyers don’t represent themselves”. I have done a lot of deep breathing on jibes and taunts. On the other hand, I have been so grateful to the group of people who regularly ask how it is going, what the numbers are doing and genuinely supporting my efforts.

It’s been a wonderful couple of months and I am truly looking forward to what the next couple will bring. Thank you all. I have found a medium that allows me to use so much of who I am. I feel blessed.

YouTube Channel Update – Week 8
Subscribers  1266
Views          14,075 from 109 countries
Blog views   1359

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