51. Definitely a week of memories

You have heard me repeat the adage: Life is about memories, not things and this week was full of memories.


On the downside (ying and yang): there was the Boston Marathon sadness closely followed by the fertilizer plant explosion and the horrid loss of life in both. These extraordinary memories will be etched in my mind for a lifetime – thanks, in part, to the 24/7 exposure given by the media and leading me to wonder if anyone could receive a “fair” trial in this day and age. Trial by media appears to be the new normal. Today I heard about a 35 year old who lost her fight with cancer. A lot of sadness for one week.

On the upside: I was able to do the “meet and greet” with one of our regulars on the TinyChat group, fondly known as “our Glen” – not to be confused with the other Glen from BlogTV. We all have a fondness for Our Glen. He has made us laugh until we cried, has demonstrated a very keen sense of concern for members of the DearMamaSal community and I was looking forward to meeting him. I was not disappointed! I laughed more in one evening than I have since… since… omg… now that I think of it…. since Christmas Eve!!!


For those who missed the broadcasts where we discussed the evening, know that Glen was a delight, beautifully mannered and very much the character we have come to love. As we suspected we would, we talked (non-stop) for 5 hours and didn’t run out of topics, views or debates. Glen called the (take a breathe non-hockey fans) Canucks run into the play-offs to a ‘T’ and now I pray that they make a decent go of it. So it was a fun evening and definitely one of the memories of the week.


Benji, Judy and Julianna came to visit and the few hours together flew by. It was amazing to think I had not seen them since January.  Julianna had grown so much since I last held her.


To see her initially terrified by Beaner and then watch that fear turn to curiosity and then delight. Then to watch Beaner bring her his favourite toys… priceless.


The last major memory of this memorable week is that I have passed 100 days of being smoke-free!

YouTube Upate – Week 34

Subscribers             2476
Views                        60,300 from 131 countries
Blog views               3,691
Non-Smoking Days  100 –   saving of $1,107.65

Lessons learned: Take the chance to laugh – especially in a week full of grieving



45. How do I thank you all? Even the weirdos with fetishes!!

It has been a magical week. We hit 50,000 views from 131 countries and now I am in the awe-struck stage. Who would have “thunk” it?! I came on to YouTube to, hopefully, help a few people. I never dreamed that people from 131 countries would come and visit.


My favourite day of the week was Monday when these beautiful flowers arrived from Benji, Judy and Julianna to congratulate me on becoming a Canadian and also to congratulate me on the stop smoking progress. Aren’t they just too beautiful for words? I brought them home this evening. They have spent the week at work bringing smiles,” ooohs and aahs”, pangs of jealousy, and other emotions to so many people. 


I received a great quote this week but I have no idea where the quote came from so I will give my version of it rather than infringe a copyright. Live a life that matters… every day. It doesn’t matter what you have but rather what you gave. It doesn’t matter what you learned but rather what you taught. Get the idea?


It is really strange how many people have been writing to me about the non-smoking thing. I got an email early this morning thanking me and telling me I was an inspiration. This person saw me strong and courageous. Yet, as I read another email from the same person I found out that they are really sick. Terminal, in fact. They are so in awe of the fact that I created my own “family” in my life. My personal support team. My Cheerleaders. They so desperately wanted that. I explained that that was the very reason I started DearMamaSal – to provide that extended family feel for those who needed it.


I love the “Our Pets” page! If you haven’t checked it out … do so, it is bound to make you smile at least once! During one of our BlogTV sessions someone suggested that we might want to have a “Movies we have enjoyed” page as well. Let me know if you would like that or send your input to and I will start the page and see how people react to it. Don’t feel you have to send us the intelligent recommendations… send the truth! The movies you enjoyed. Not the ones the critics thought you should enjoy!


Another week and more leaning. I just find it so hard to thank everyone who made these milestones possible. Big hugs to you all.

YouTube Channel Update – Week 27

Subscribers  2435
Views            53,241 from 131 countries
Blog views   3655

Lessons learned: There are strange people in the world… I put up a vid on how I keep my nails so long, white and beautiful and the weirdos (with fetishes) came out and contacted me. Not something I expected at 65!!! hehehehe






34. As we enter the 12th week of DearMamaSal…

It’s so hard to believe that I have been doing this YouTube channel and blog for nearly 3 months now.

What started as a spur-of-the-moment action, following the requests of Benji and Judy’s audience, has taken on a life of its own. For my part, I have learned so much about editing, uploading and vlogging. The whole process has become part of my day and this week was the first week that I managed to put up at least one video a day. 

I still am confused about certain aspects of YouTube but, with patience, I am sure it will all make sense. This month I had a lot of learning around the Google Drive feature of putting up forms that the viewers can fill in. What I love about it is the great analysis they do of the results. Love those things! 

The emotional roller-coaster of thinking my new kitchen appliances were going to arrive during the week was difficult. I could not believe how excited I got at the prospect of a totally matching set of appliances. It is strange to know that, in my lifetime, I have never had a totally matching set! I have always just replaced the one that failed. To counter the disappointment of the delay until this Thursday, I YouTube’d just about every video about the new appliances and that was fun. I also checked out the manuals of some of them. What did we do before the internet and Google?! It is just so easy to find these things today.

I had a long and difficult talk to the vet about Beaner and know that he will continue to deteriorate. It is so sad to know that he has no chance of healing from his condition. That all I can do is to manage his pain. He is still a youngish dog. Just 9 years old. He has responded well to the upping of his medication but still it is troubling to watch how he has so much more difficulty. Mind you, it doesn’t seem to stem his desire to jump on my bed at night and hog my leg room! I can just see that it is not easy for him to do. Apparently, his motivation to do so is greater than the discomfort.

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YouTube Channel Update – Week 11
Subscribers  1252
Views          17,803 from 111 countries
Blog views   1553

Lesson learned: How to put two audio tracks onto a video

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33. The continued power of small guestures of kindness

I continue to be amazed at the power of doing small acts of kindness for people. This week, for example, I walked through our reception at work and a client dropped his case for his reading glasses. Without thinking, I bent down and picked it up and returned it to him. He was on his cell phone but the look in his eyes told me he appreciated what I had done. I smiled and nodded (to show him I understood) and walked away.

Two days later, he was back in reception and I happen to walk through. He reacted immediately. Insisting that I sit next to him. I smiled and sat down. He then spent 15 minutes thanking me for what I had done. I was stunned. It was such a small thing and yet, obviously, it had made a huge impact on him. I am still not sure why but he told me not only how much he appreciated what I had done but also spoke of my soul and how it was obvious that I cared deeply about people. To be honest, I was a little stunned at the depth of his thanks. He went on to tell me that had brought a friend in with him and that he wanted him to meet me. I politely shook hands with the friend and then the proceeded to explain that I was the one who had picked up the case for his glasses. The second man, who did not speak English well, smiled and nodded and made sure I knew that he understood who I was. I went back to my office and sat down and smiled. Such a small act of kindness and yet such a huge impact on a man who I had thought was more intent on his cell phone call than the glass case. So take the opportunity to do little acts of kindness for people. Not for the expectation of thanks but just because it is good for YOUR soul. It feels good. In a way, it is a selfish act because you will gain more than you give!

It is Week 11 of this journey and we hit 17,000 views today, We picked up two thousand views in a very short time. I am not sure what I did to create that but it tells me that we are doing something right here We have already passed my personal goals for December (!!). I just don’t understand the medium well enough yet but I do know that I need to keep doing what I think is needed and keep plugging away at my huge learning curve. There are days when I feel the pressure of working all day and then coming home and starting my “second job”. Every now and then I get a comment from a viewer that touches my heart and I know it is worth the time spent. Or I hear from a viewer that they found our channel, accidently, and just love what we are doing. The number of people who have thanked me for the time spent also touches my heart. In hope that our viewers know how much I appreciate all they have done to share what we are doing. How will I ever be able to thank Benji and Judy for all they did to encourage me to take the risk? I feel like I have new purpose in life and that the journey has only just begun. A simple act on my part and such a huge reward. Thank  you.

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