29. Listen to your inner voice

I have a routine, as some of you know. I put up videos on Thursdays and Sundays. That way I have a few days to put the material together. Yesterday, Saturday, I had a busy day and it included a 2-hour client visit. 

I cannot remember when it started but I got this strange feeling that I needed to finalize the Sunday video on Saturday. My logic was fighting against it – I was already tired, I had already had a busy day, etc.

The inner voice kept on and on and, eventually, I sat down and started to put the final narration on the video I had been putting together in the past couple of days. It did not go well. I had somehow done something wrong with the initial video and that meant I had to redo part if it. I then had major problems with the audio track. Each time I kept thinking to leave it until today because I would be fresh and able to concentrate better. Putting up videos requires serious concentration, for me!

Somehow I struggled through. Edit and re-edit. It took many hours but in the end I uploaded it and, as usual, had it on a private upload so that I could check it out one last time before I put it out to the world. I was devastated to find a typographical error on the upload. That not only meant that I had to download it again but then get back to the original PowerPoint and correct the error, redo the video track and then upload and recheck. The second time took more time than I liked but it needed to be done.

It was at that time that I had a dear friend of mine get hold of me on line. Her husband had taken a fall and it meant that he needed more x-rays today. She was obviously very concerned and then the coincidence, if you believe in them. The hospital they were due to come to today is the one close to me! 

I obviously offered to go and be her support. In turn, she knew that I normally work on the video on Sunday and told me not to worry. I was able to say “The video is  uploaded, I did it today!”.

It pays to listen to that inner voice!

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Lesson learned: spell check your PowerPoints!

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