45. How do I thank you all? Even the weirdos with fetishes!!

It has been a magical week. We hit 50,000 views from 131 countries and now I am in the awe-struck stage. Who would have “thunk” it?! I came on to YouTube to, hopefully, help a few people. I never dreamed that people from 131 countries would come and visit.


My favourite day of the week was Monday when these beautiful flowers arrived from Benji, Judy and Julianna to congratulate me on becoming a Canadian and also to congratulate me on the stop smoking progress. Aren’t they just too beautiful for words? I brought them home this evening. They have spent the week at work bringing smiles,” ooohs and aahs”, pangs of jealousy, and other emotions to so many people. 


I received a great quote this week but I have no idea where the quote came from so I will give my version of it rather than infringe a copyright. Live a life that matters… every day. It doesn’t matter what you have but rather what you gave. It doesn’t matter what you learned but rather what you taught. Get the idea?


It is really strange how many people have been writing to me about the non-smoking thing. I got an email early this morning thanking me and telling me I was an inspiration. This person saw me strong and courageous. Yet, as I read another email from the same person I found out that they are really sick. Terminal, in fact. They are so in awe of the fact that I created my own “family” in my life. My personal support team. My Cheerleaders. They so desperately wanted that. I explained that that was the very reason I started DearMamaSal – to provide that extended family feel for those who needed it.


I love the “Our Pets” page! If you haven’t checked it out … do so, it is bound to make you smile at least once! During one of our BlogTV sessions someone suggested that we might want to have a “Movies we have enjoyed” page as well. Let me know if you would like that or send your input to and I will start the page and see how people react to it. Don’t feel you have to send us the intelligent recommendations… send the truth! The movies you enjoyed. Not the ones the critics thought you should enjoy!


Another week and more leaning. I just find it so hard to thank everyone who made these milestones possible. Big hugs to you all.

YouTube Channel Update – Week 27

Subscribers  2435
Views            53,241 from 131 countries
Blog views   3655

Lessons learned: There are strange people in the world… I put up a vid on how I keep my nails so long, white and beautiful and the weirdos (with fetishes) came out and contacted me. Not something I expected at 65!!! hehehehe






26. How to lose a birthday present without even trying

Grrr… some things just don’t go the way you want them to. As many of you know, I celebrated my 65th birthday a few weeks ago and one of my presents was being mailed from the States. I had been warned that it would arrive later. I heard this week that the present had arrived and that Canada Post had returned it after a few days because I hadn’t come to pick it up. Why? I didn’t know it had arrived! They had put the notification tag (that was meant to go on my door) in my community mail box. We do not have mail delivered to our door here, it goes into a central mailbox on the street and you have to go and collect your mail.

In this comedy of errors, the situation got worse because I don’t clear the mailbox. My tenant does because the majority of the mail is for her.

As life has moments of pure insanity, the very week that the notifications arrived my tenant had both her son and his fiancee end up in hospital for two unrelated issues. She was obviously not keeping to any routines that week and the mail was not collected. And that is how I ended up losing a birthday present without even trying!

YouTube Channel Update – end of 7th week:
Subscribers  1263
Views          13,634 from 109 countries
Blog views   1312

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