Saturday Update: Dealing with reality

My Virtual Mission as at January 12, 2019

Just before Christmas, I was diagnosed with diabetes. I knew that it was a self-inflicted wound. My diet had included too many sweet things over the years.

I am now on a mission to lose the weight I put on and to get myself back to health. It requires rethinking everything you eat but it is doable. As you can see, I was up to 228+ just after Christmas but am now down to 225.2lbs /102kg.

I am confident that I can reverse this diagnosis by looking after myself better.

Dealing with the reality of my diet is a lot like dealing with the reality of YouTube. If you keep doing the right things it adds up and surprises you. My first goal was the increase my steps from less than 3,000 per day to 5,000 per day. I managed to do that for 2 weeks (and walk 27 miles/43km in the process)! I have now upped my goal to 5,500 per day average.

YouTube Update – Week 331
Subscribers 8,269
Views  1,174,588
Blog views 94,049
2192 days non smoking  $ 23,456 saved

Health: Diagnosed with diabetes
Weight down? I put back all the weight I lost last year and then some. I am now working on losing it all again and getting back to health.

Distance walked: 27 miles/ 43 km since diagnosis

Favourite new meal: Whole wheat wrap, 1 marble cheese slice, 1 rasher of bacon. Make 3 at a time and have them ready for a quick breakfast on the go.

It all adds up, people!

On December 26th I decided that I would start a virtual walk to help me find increasing my daily activity a little more interesting. My goal is to walk across British Columbia to Calgary, Alberta. I set myself a goal of walking at least half a mile a day.

Phase 1 was to walk from White Rock Pier to Abbotsford by Valentines Day. Today is January 10 and I thought I would show you how far the little daily walks have taken me.

Is that amazing or WHAT?! The Red icon is where I should be walking my half mile a day. the blue one shows you I have just about reached my first Phase destination… with a month to go!

Little steps turn into great rewards. I can do this and this is definitely a fun way to increase my activity.

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For all our romantics: You never know who you are going to help…

I opened up a facebook message this week and read the following, truly magical, message:

Good morning!
It’s been almost a year since i wrote you. As I said, You helped me a lot, so here’s a quick update if you don’t mind 🙂

In february i let go of all the bad things i had in my heart. i spent some time alone. i had a few dates with a man, we had a really great time. i tell you a secret: on our first date i had a weird sence, it was really scary. ‘your future husband is sitting infront of you’ said a voice in my head. but i wasn’t ready, i told him that, i we didn’t contact eachother for 3 months. but after that, one day i was crying, and asked God to send me someone i can love, and loves me. the next day this man who i dated walked in the theatre where i work, and we said hi. i asked him out right away.
it was 4 months ago, and i’m in love – and he’s in love with me too haha! he’s so special, and good. every day i’m grateful for him.
i know you and i only spoke a little, but i’m so thankful to you too. you pushed me to the right way.
i hope you’re doing good!

Vivien Tóth

Vivien is a viewer from Hungry. Not only was she kind enough to send me this wonderful note, she also sent this truly magical picture and has given me permission to share it with you.



Two great “gifts” from two people obviously in love.

My sincere thanks to Vivien for the wonderful “gifts”.

So glad to have been a part of this joy! THANK YOU

Remember, you NEVER know who you are going to help.

Take the time to listen to people today!