World Series

31. Getting prepared

I love Saturdays! I allow mysef to sleep in and it is generally a relaxing day for me. Today will be a little busier than normal because I am getting prepared for Doug’s arrival tomorrow. Some of you know that I have a number of “sons” in my life – young people who, over the years, have “adopted” me as a mentor and friend. Doug was the first.

He has been in Kenya for the past couple of months, visiting his family, and will return home to Canada tomorrow. I am sure that he won’t stay long because he starts a new job in November but I will get to visit with him for a few days before he gets on with his life again. Once he does that I won’t see much of him!!
Today will be spent doing chores and getting the shopping done. I have aired his room and warmed it up because he will have left summer in Africa and will be arriving to fall in Canada! Quite a temperature change.  I have a little heater in his room so that he can boost the house temperature to suit his acclimatizing body!

Doug is a meat and potatoes eater so I am off to get some real food for him. I forget that I don’t have a lot of suitable food for a younger person in the house!
I will come back later and finish this blog. it is time to get “up and at ’em”!!

For those of you who have been following the YouTube channel you will know that I have been suffering from arthritis of the right thumb and forefinger. Yesterday was the first day that I had a problem putting in earrings which struck me as strange because the medications appear to have lessened the pain. I just could not get the earrings into my ears using my right hand. I guess I will have to learn to use my left hand a little more for some things.

I made a batch of fresh juice – mostly carrot, raspberries and strawberries – and made a couple of dishes of Shepherd’s Pie which I will throw into the oven to rewarm while I drive to the airport and back. Just seen that I will miss the World Series game, or most of it, when I go to the airport. As it could be the series winner I am pretty sure they will have it on the TV screens. I am hoping that is the case! Go Giants.

YouTube Channel Update – Week 9
Subscribers  1261
Views          14,537 from 109 countries
Blog views   1418

Lesson learned: Vlogging is easier to do than the videos I have been putting up 🙂

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