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1. Having problems sleeping?
In case you missed it, I have started slowing down the Soul
Sunday broadcasts so that you can use the playlist as a way to drift off to sleep but also take in some good vibes as you do it. Keep this link on your desktop so that it is easy to find!
2. A skills lesson in Graphology!
If you ever wondered what your handwriting tells people about who you are then you will LOVE this broadcast. We looked at the handwriting of many famous people (past and present) and you will be amazed at what we found out! Check it out:
3. Need a boost?
Take the time to watch this and you will feel inspired to keep on track
with your dreams!

Our new Soul Sunday playlist – to help you relax or go to sleep

A lot of viewers have asked me to put together a playlist of a few Soul Sunday broadcasts so that they can go to sleep listening (and learning). I recommend that you keep the volume low. Just enough to be able to hear my voice when you are perfectly still. Your mind will absorb the learning even if you fall asleep while the playlist is playing. I will do a new Soul Sunday playlist each month. Let me know how it works for you. The link is:

Snow or no snow… 90 miles/145km walked towards health

I have been working at keeping my daily steps up even though I haven’t been able to get outside to walk because of the snow. Excuses don’t work when you are working towards a mission!

I am about to up the number of steps again for March on wards. I am going to get healthy through my new ways of eating and doing more. I do it in little bits during the day. Sit and check emails and other things then up and DO something. Do it with energy. Using energy creates energy.

Walking my way to health update – February 4, 2019

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