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A lot has happened

It is amazing to me just how much has happened since I last dropped a note in here. Let me think:

  1. I had a medical diagnosis that was not fun. Did the tests and believe that everything is fine – but it took part of my life as I distracted myself while waiting for the test results. I took up painting because it is an all-consuming hobby and that is what I need. I think it would be fair to say I am now a Prolific Painter because I paint nearly every day and not just one!
  2. The art turned out to be beneficial in a number of ways: a) it kept me occupied and not stressing b) it made so much mess in my dining room that I needed to clear out some of the mess in the spare bedroom to make a studio! Had been meaning to clean that room out for… well, longer than I care to admit!
  3. Cleaning out the Studio meant that I also had to organize the back bedroom a little more! Cleaning is a clean one thing and ends up with chaos elsewhere sort of thing in my life, how about yours?!
  4. Restful area: I now that my little

    Artwork s available in our shop

    room set up so I can make a mess and close the door on it when I have finished. I love that.

  5. My heart rate has dropped considerably, as a result, my doctor dropped one of my medications!!
  6. Talking about health issues: a) I am now down 16 lbs with the portion control and keeping my intake to less than 1,600 calories (on average). It works, people. I still eat Mars Bars, I had two helpings of turkey yesterday. I just didn’t have two helpings of mashed potatoes… I know how to control it now. b) I did so well with the weight loss that I have been taken off one of my medications!! That is a success, in my book.
  7. I managed to get some of the artwork into our SHOP page for those of you who like art. Some are cost-effective downloadable prints and some are originals. Remember to check them out. I will be updating them as we go along. I am selling them without frames so that it will be cheaper for you when mailing the originals.

    White Foam is now available as a print. Check the SHOP tab

So life is good, I am busy and DearMamaSal continues to help viewers during the broadcasts and when they write. Today is Canadian Thanksgiving and I am thankful to all my viewers for bringing us this far.

YouTube Update     Week 267
Subscribers               8.190
Views                            934,238 (1 Million, here we come!!)
Blog views                 64,067

Non-Smoker  for   1,732 days and  $ 18,533.59 saved
Weight?                     I continue to be amazed how what I put into my body is dropping weight the way that it is. I am continuing to slowly drop pounds and I am getting so close to my goal for the year. I have a couple of months left and the goal is within sight

44. Proud to be a Canadian

It took 25 years and a lot of letting go but yesterday I became a Canadian. It was a day full of emotion – more than I had imagined. There was the overwhelming feeling of pride, of belonging to Canada after all these years. There was the pang of sadness as I let go of being a Brit. The joy of seeing so many of my friends there to watch this magical day. The amazing feeling of achievement. It was time and, with a lot of help from my friends, I made it to solid ground. Now, for the first time in a lifetime I will be able to vote. Imagine living a lifetime and never being able to vote?!


A friend of mine needed some advice and came armed with the most beautiful orchids. I love that people know me well enough to do things like that! Then, later, a client came and we spent some time preparing her for physio interviews. After that, onto BlogtV and spent a couple of hours laughing and being so grateful for our little “family” from around the world. A lot are still talking about our “Night at the Oscars” – apparently, they enjoyed it as much as I did.

It was a great feeling to be in the mall this week and have someone recognize me as DearMamaSal. It is always surprising when that happens. You can see the number of viewers but you never really appreciate that some are from your own area! Of course, on the other side, the person who wrote to me following my video on my nails had me cringing – he wanted a video twice as long with me just drumming my long nails. It takes all kinds, doesn’t it?

I am tired. It has been a busy couple of days. It is midnight and I am ready to just stop. Stop and rest. Stop and just be for a while. Be quiet. Be happy. Be grateful. Be proud to be Canadian. Proud that our little YouTube channel made it through to 6 months and hit 50,000 views this week from 128 countries. It has been a wonderful journey and I am really looking forward to what the next 6 months will  bring.