Time to get back to the blog!

Ever wondered where the week went? What about a year? I cannot undo the lack of blogs but I can start again.


IMG_20160810_135649Hi everyone. This is DearMamaSal talking about love, life and other problems. Was so busy last week I clean forgot to tell you about my field trip to Mount Vernon in the vlogs so thought I would do it here.

I want to tell you some of the magical things that happened to me when I went on my personal field trip to Mount Vernon. I say personal because I was helping a personal friend rather than on a DearMamaSal “mission”.

The beautiful Mount Vernon brought you well known personalities such as Glen Beck and, for those a little older, The Galloping Gourmet, Graham Kerr.

Some of you will remember that I took a side trip last time I visited Mount Vernon when I went to go and visit the tulips festival. I know some of you will be laughing just remembering that video!! You will remember the wonderful fields of dead tulips and long since expired daffodils! Apparently, timing is everything!

This time I visited the North Cove Coffee shop and it was amazing to me to have had two people say “hello” to me before I even got into the shop. Friendly place, Mount Vernon.

I arrived far earlier than I expected because the border was not a problem and here is my first tip for the vlog. Take the time to go and visit your local coffee shop. Grab your favourite coffee and pick up your journal or your day timer and just review your day, your month, your life. I was amazed how rare ME time is. Without the distractions of the internet or my home. It was the most wonderful and peaceful time.20160810_134951

You guys know that I like to be amused. The coffee shop did not disappoint. They gave me a fork and a plastic knife to eat my wonderful salad. Being who I am, I queried the plastic knife. Did they think I wasn’t old enough to use a real one?!! Apparently, in Mount Vernon, people walk off with knives far more often.

Perhaps the greatest memory was sitting there gazing out of the window and suddenly being aware that oneof the staff members, who I believed made my salad, was out raiding the outdoor windowbox style garden… picking fresh mint leaves. Talk about fresh and organic! Benji would have smiled.

It was a great trip. Glad I went. More field trips are planned in my future.


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