SURVEY: What hurtful things or insults have people said to or about you that would you like help with?

On Friday noon (PST) I will be doing a broadcast to help people deal with horrid people saying horrid things. In order for it to be of increased value to my regular viewers, I thought I would get your input on some of the things you have heard people say so that we may work with some of them, as examples.

  • Please leave your input below.
  • Please do not use vulgar language – even if you are quoting what was said to you. Be creative, I am sure I will work out the word!

Many thanks!


PS: For those who missed it, here is the link to the discussion: How to deal with rude people


  1. Lauren

    My Dad used to call me pumpkin because I’m fat. It made me just want to eat even more and it really shook my confidence.

  2. Jodi

    “What are you going to do when something happens to your husband?”

  3. Nikki

    “You’re not trying hard enough to find a real job, you just want to live off me & be a bum” – from an ex partner who didn’t like my passion to work in the arts & this was said after I was made redundant at my “real job”.

  4. dearmamasal

    Thank you so much for this example, Nikki. I used it on the cast: It Takes Two.

  5. dearmamasal

    Thank you for sharing this moving example. I used it in the cast: It Takes Two today

  6. dearmamasal

    Great example, Jodi. I know a lot of people will learn from the discussion about it.

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